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From hauling, to cleaning yards, garages, removing dirt, junk, and concrete, we have the experience to do it all! Our services are great for anyone located in the San Fernando Valley who wants a fast and efficient service at an affordable price. Believe us when we say our customers call us back with a new task. This is because we built a hauling and clean-up services on a foundation of excellent customer service, honesty, and affordable rates. Call us now for a free estimate. We’ll be more than happy to hear from you!



We won't clean out your pockets. We'll just clean your front yard, home, business, and more.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe the job should be completed correctly and thoroughly the first time. With our business we guarantee that nothing will be left behind, except a clean space.



The idea of letting someone clean your garage or personal space is a bit nerve racking, but our honesty policy will provide you a peace of mind.



Don't break your back trying to load up heavy items into your vehicle just to trash them at your local junkyard, let us do the service for you in no time! We'll load up everything in a matter of minutes so your home or business can be free of junk.

Yard Clean-Up

Finding the time to do yard clean up or even spending hours outside can be very time consuming for any home or business owner. Therefore, let us help you maintain your yard. Whether you need us to pick up some left over branches, carpets in the front yard, we can do it all for you today.

Garage Clean-Up

Don't stress out over your garage clean up. Let us do the organizing and clean up for you. Call us today and provide us with details on how we can help you clean your garage today. We will handle all of your items with care and trash the items you no longer need.

Dirt Removal

Remodeling your front or backyard can be very exciting until you realize that having your dirt removed is a process that comes with it. Let us make this process less of a hassle for you by providing you an affordable service.

Junk Removal

No matter the size or items, we will remove all junk for you at an affordable rate!

Concrete Removal

Many concrete removal services charge hundreds of dollars for concrete removal. Therefore, we have made our prices unbeatable and affordable for all. Call today and ask us for an estimate on your concrete removal.


Alongside hauling and clean-up services, we can also do demolitions. We like to provide our customers with a well rounded service that includes it all: demolition, removal, clean up.

And Much More!

If you need a service that was not stated above, please call or message us today. We most likely provide the service that you need. We hope to hear from you soon.

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